Hello friends, family + newcomers alike! We are happy to embark upon this new journey of blogging with you. We are a little new to the blogging world, so please bear with us while we are settling in. It is our hope to give you a little insight into our everyday lives – both the business + personal sides – and to connect with you in ways that a shopfront just doesn’t allow. We welcome and appreciate all suggestions that may make things easier for you, our readers. Is there something you’re just dying to try out, but need a little help figuring out where to start? Let us know! We love to share our expertise + feel we can help with a lot of different topics. From creating to cooking to taking care of a teenager + pretty much everything in between, we plan on sharing what we’re learning + what we already know. Grab a cup of coffee + pull up a seat, everyone is welcome here!



Now that we’ve introduced ourselves a little, we would love to share what has been inspiring us lately – SPRING! We know, we know, it isn’t spring yet, but it is poking up and hinting that it will be here before we know it. We found these little beauties growing right out of the cracks in the sidewalk – if that doesn’t scream I am spring, hear me roar! we don’t know what does. Seeing pretty reminders that life is awakening from the winter thaw makes us want to create beautiful things full of sunshine and flowers!

What has inspired you lately? We’d love to know, leave us a line in the comments!


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