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For the love of cats!

Hello dear readers!

We are excited to get this blog up and running – to give you more content on a regular basis, so feel free to speak up and tell us what you’d like to read about! For now, we would like to share with you the most spectacular part of our family, Miss Playful Scherer!



We simply adore felines and are very grateful for the different (yet equal) relationships we have both formed with our 3 year old domestic shorthair. The bond that we share with her is like nothing either of us has experienced before and it brings great joy into our lives, our family and our home. We might go as far to say that people who claim to dislike cats have something wrong with their wiring, but we have no actual research or proof of this so we will leave it to our personal opinion.


The point of this ramble is actually to tell you about our latest adventures, believe it or not! Creating is not only the focus of our business, but it is also a source of happiness and relaxation. We do, however, have to seek out new and different things to create so that it can be both a business and a hobby for us.

While in search of a fun project to make this evening, we stumbled upon Subversive Cross Stitch. We just love a mindless needlework project to fill up our evening, so we looked for a pattern worthy enough. We did find something that just delighted us! As much as we love our feline friends, it does seem like every Socks, Mittens & Squirt is throwing their photos up on social media, trying to cute the internet to death. So behold our evening endeavor:


We aren’t really sure if this will be a pillow or the edge of a towel or what really, but the internet is made of cats! Imagine if it was literally made up of cats?! How fantastic and scary that would be!



Share some of your favorite feline stories or photos in the comments below!

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