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Oh The Places We Go


Good morning, readers! We thought we’d share with you today one of the places we go walking. The above photo (and all the photos in this post) were taken by us on a Nikon Coolpix L330.

We found a lot of great places to walk this past fall, when an inquiry at our local Natural Trust Reserve building left us with a number of options to explore. This particular place we went, Paskamansett Woods, is a beautiful 11 acre reserve which features a historic granite bridge. My favorite part of this visit was sitting on the bridge with my eyes closed, sun shining down on my face, listening to the trees and the river singing their soothing songs. As I recharged on the bridge, the other half of us took all of these great pictures!


Tell us – Where do you go to recharge? Do you have a favorite spot in nature? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

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One thought on “Oh The Places We Go

  1. Charlie here: several of these are really very interesting and that’s not to say they’re not all interesting. Start painting what you see.


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