product review

Xyron Create a Sticker MAX

Hello again,

Today we’d like to give you our opinion on a product we use quite often. Before we start, we’d just like to say that we do not get paid to write posts like this nor do any of our posts contain affiliate links. We are just doing this for our enjoyment and to help out anyone we can!

The great product we’d like to review for you today is the Xyron Create a Sticker MAX. We have the 5″ version and don’t think we would be as happy with the 9″. It just seems like too much waste would occur for us with the bigger version. We already owned the 1.5″ Xyron X, which is what prompted us to ask for the 5″ MAX for Christmas!

Cute little 1.5″ sticker makers

The best thing about the Xyron Create a Sticker MAX is not having to use glue! It turns virtually anything into a sticker! Not having to glue things saves time also, which is HUGE for us.

Xyron Create a Sticker MAX 5″
Left side
Right side and handle
Choose the items you want to turn into a sticker
Load into machine by pushing them in until they won’t go anymore
Turn the handle and Viola! Everything is a sticker!

The Xyron Create a Sticker Max uses cartridges of adhesive and it comes in either permanent adhesive or repositionable adhesive. They are both 18′ long and are acid free. Changing them is a breeze. You just lift up the little blue tab on the top of the machine and it opens up. The old cartridge slides out and the new one slides in. Easy peasy.

The only downside we have seen with this fun, useful tool is the repositionable cartridges. We got a few on sale and the fact that it makes the stickers repositionable is great – if you didn’t put something exactly where you wanted it, you can lift it up and try again. It does become a pretty permanent bond after about 24 hours which something else we really like. However, compared to the permanent adhesive, the repositionable seems thicker and plasticy. It doesn’t stay on the whole piece and really bunches up around the edges of the item you are making into a sticker. This isn’t a deal breaker, but does require some extra work to remove the stray adhesive from the sides and to put it on to the empty spots on the back.

All and all, we would say the Xyron Create a Sticker MAX is well worth the investment. Whether you’re a crafter, a scrapbooker, a teacher, a camp counselor, a mentor or a mom – you will find many uses for this time saving machine! Kids absolutely love it and we do too!

Have you ever used a sticker maker before? Do you ever find the time to be creative(with your kids or by yourself)? What is one of your favorite everyday tools? Let us know in the comments!




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