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Kitty Uber

Today dear readers, you are in for a treat. We celebrated a birthday last week, and for said birthday we received a pet stroller as a gift. How exciting! We quickly laid down some ground rules, as we were about to bring our precious baby into the big, scary outside. We decided that we would set it up indoors and let Playful inspect the stroller, to see if she even liked it. Of course, she liked it. Then we started pushing her around in the stroller around our condo, to see if she would even like it. Of course, she liked it.


She liked it so much that she actually jumps in to the stroller and stares at us demandingly until we push her around the condo – and then she sits around in it until she gets bored.

We did venture outside on three separate occasions since receiving this wonderful gift. It was windy on two of the trips and we did worry about dogs, but only saw one small one. Playful promptly growled at the dog until it was too scared to walk anywhere near her stroller, so that was one small victory.

Playful at the Iwo Jima Memorial
Our view from the top of the stroller

We are a still a little concerned about other animals and bathroom issues, but we do plan on taking many more walks with Playful! Keep an eye out for some of our blog posts documenting her adventures!

Would you walk your cat or other pet in a stroller? Let us know in the comments!



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