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DIY Storage

Hey there readers,

We like staying organized, so today we created this storage solution using a priority mail box, a crystal light container and some pretty papers. We don’t have many embossing folders for our cuttlebug, but we were keeping them stacked up on a shelf and it just wasn’t cutting it. After a shipment of two new embossing folders, we got inspired to make something that kept them all neat and tidy!

In case you’re not quite sure what a cuttlebug is, it is a hand powered machine which embosses papers and other things using plastic folders. The pressure from the machine creates texture on your material.

This is our cuttlebug!
These two folders are what prompted us to create a storage solution



To start, we closed up one end of the box and measured 4.5″ up from the bottom.DSCN0282

Then we cut all the way around on the marked spot. (We cleaned the edges up a little more than in this picture).DSCN0283

Next, we found some pretty paper and covered the outside and inside.DSCN0285

Then we added a divider and a crystal light container with glue. Finally, we added a label and our folders and viola!DSCN0290

Are you an organized person? What are some of you’re favorite storage ideas? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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