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Diabetes & Adhesives

Hello readers,

Today we would like to tell you about different adhesives that we have used and which ones we like the most, in relation to keeping our sugar baby’s cgm sensor on her body. If you would like to learn more about continuous glucose monitoring you can read about it on the Dexcom website.

This is Deidre, the dexcom receiver.
Deidre receives blood glucose readings every five minutes via bluetooth technology.
The bluetooth enabled transmitter goes inside this sensor. This sensor goes on her body.

The sensor is supposed to be used for 7 days, although many diabetics use them much longer. The original adhesive that is on the sensor sucks. We don’t understand why, but the sensors start falling off by day two if they are left as is.

With the advice of our endo and Dexcom, we now use an adhesive product over the sensor’s adhesive to help it stay put. This is a quick guide to what we have tried and what we like best. We hope that someone finds it helpful or that it eliminates your search for the best product!

At first, we used Skin Tac wipes, and they didn’t seem to help at all, so we moved on. We’ve read in several different groups that Tegaderm was the bees knees and Dexcom confirmed that a lot of patients find Tegaderm helpful (thankfully, Dexcom replaces the sensors that fall off).

Nexcare Tegaderm

Our experience with Tegaderm was not great. After one day the edges started to lift up and after one shower, water was trapped underneath it. We decided that Tegaderm wasn’t for us and moved on.

We still have 4 Tegaderm patches that we are willing to send to any reader that would like them, free of charge. Just leave us a comment below or click the ‘Contact us’ button at the top of the page.

Four of these are free for the taking!

Our next stop on our adhesive adventure was Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Tape. What a joke. This thick, plasticy tape started lifting up the second we put it on and lasted a whole twenty minutes before we took it off.

Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Tape

Finally, we found Grif Grips. They come with a precut hole for the dexcom transmitter and they are made of a thick fabric with some serious adhesive on the back. They come in different shapes and colors, but we chose black ovals for our trial run. At just $1 each, we picked up 5 months worth of adhesive for $10.

Grif Grips Black Oval Grip
That’s some serious adhesive!

We think (fingers crossed) that we have found the one, as far as keeping on our sugar baby’s cgm sensor. We have had the first Grif Grip on for fourteen days now, and this sensor has been in for 18 days!

On day ten of this Grif Grip, we woke up to the top lifting up a bit, but we used a hairdryer to stick it back down. The adhesive is heat activated, a huge plus in our book!

Day 10 lift up

One thing we dislike about Grif Grips is the fraying. We’ve had to trim down the edges every two days to keep it from looking too messy. You can see the fraying in the above photo. Our one wish is that there was a way they could seal the edges to prevent this from happening. Otherwise, we are super pleased with this product. Not having to worry about this great technology just falling off our sugar baby is fantastic! Thank you Grif Grips!

What are your thoughts? Do you know anyone struggling with a medical device or equipment? Do you know anyone who can use 4 free Tegaderm patches? Leave a comment below!











2 thoughts on “Diabetes & Adhesives

    1. We don’t personally send any samples – we are sorry! We are in no way affiliated with GrifGrips and we pay for them out of pocket like everyone else. But, we highly recommend them AND GrifGrips offers free shipping on all orders over $5. You can get 5 for $5 so trying it out is a small investment! Good luck!


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