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No “Ill” Feelings

DSCN0538Hello dear readers,

The half of us that does most of the work keeping this blog up and running is not feeling herself today. She is just getting over a cold, but we didn’t want you all to think we had forgotten about you!

We will be back in full force tomorrow with a GIVEAWAY! Please stay tuned!

In other news, the photo above is a fork from our dishwasher. We don’t know how or why the dishwasher decided to bend up our cutlery, but we have spent some amusing amount of time discussing the uprising of our dishwasher and how we may have a killer dishwasher that is training a cutlery army to take over the world. Imaginations are great!DSCN0537

How are you feeling readers? Have any of you caught a late cold this spring? Have you witnessed a killer dishwasher in action? We’d love if it you would share with us in the comments! Remember tomorrow is giveaway day!


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