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Blogs We Love – Tollipop

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Hello readers,

One thing we love about the ‘blogging world’ is reading other people’s blogs. Sometimes you’ll get real lucky and see a glimpse into their actual lives. This is why we love Tollipop so much! Not only do we get to follow Kirsten’s adventures in drawing and painting adorable children, we’ve also seen her own children grow right before our eyes – on screen, every week. We love the little peeks into violin lessons, sleepovers and living in Las Vegas. It’s what makes the blog so ‘real’ to us and makes us want to ‘tune-in’ for updates!

Original photo from
Original photo from

We definitely suggest you pop on over to Tollipop and see what Kirsten has been up to!

What are some of your favorite blogs? We’d love it if you told us in the comments – who knows, maybe we might even feature your suggestions!

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