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Confetti Card – Pinterest Inspiration Week

Hello Readers! Here is the very first card in our Pinterest-to-reality week! We decided to make the adorable Confetti Card first. If you remember from yesterday, Vicky Sheridan from Blush Crafts made the original inspiration card here:

IMGP3449 (478x580)
Original photo from
The things we loved about this card were the simplicity of the design, the look of the fonts and the neutral background. We decided to keep the neutral background, but up the brightness factor a ton. We used a bright polka dot card stock for the envelope, made our confetti a bit larger than the original hole punched ones and chose fonts that were visually similar to the original. (The card base, envelope, circles and sentiment we’re all designed in our design software.) We love the finished card so much!

Our version, standing up

Our version, flat with envelope

Our version, back of card and envelope
We decided to leave the inside blank for a personal message. What do you guys think, did we do alright? We think we nailed it! Stay tuned all week for 4 more amazing cards and a some great photos of a lovely kitty adventure on Sunday!

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