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Playful’s Walk in the Woods – A Kitty Adventure


Happy Mother’s Day, dear readers. We would like to give you the gift of the cutest kitty(in he form of photos – no actual kitty included!) As we have blogged about before, we received the gift of a small animal stroller that we now use to take our 3 year old domestic shorthair feline princess for walks.

We have been taking Playful for walks around parks and around our condo(which we have dubbed ‘Kitty House Tours’), but this past week we decided to see how the stroller would hold up in the woods. We are happy to report that besides dirty wheels, it held up quite nicely. We opted for a small area of woods, Knowles Reserve, for our first adventure! Below is an description from the DNRT’s website:

This property consists of open salt marsh habitat including a portion of salt marsh pond. Much of the habitat is dominated by low bushes and small trees, especially red cedar. The area is filled with flowers in the summer and provides a year long refuge for all sorts of wildlife. An “ecologically elegant” walking path constructed in 1982 loops through the western portion of this property.

We have quite a few photos to show you today, so we will start with the darling photos of Playful and then move on to the nature photographs. We hope you enjoy!DSCN0678DSCN0671DSCN0661DSCN0663DSCN0662DSCN0724DSCN0723DSCN0702DSCN0699DSCN0691DSCN0654DSCN0647DSCN0660DSCN0656DSCN0644DSCN0735DSCN0640

Playful didn’t love the walk to the woods as she isn’t a fan of vehicles, but once we were inside the woods she livened up! We picked grass for her to smell and took some time to enjoy the salt marsh.

When we returned from our walk, Playful rubbed her face all over our legs in gratitude. It is such an amazing feeling to be so loved by her! Afterwards she stretched out and did a little posing for us(perhaps for Tummy Tuesday)!DSCN0744DSCN0741DSCN0739

We hope you all are enjoying your day with your families + animal friends! Check back tomorrow for some adorable Pinterest kitties!


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