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Weekly Pinterest Roundup

Good morning readers! Today we’d love to help you beat the Monday blues by bringing you a dose of cuteness courtesy of the adorable kitties of Pinterest. Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this & either have we! So sit back and take it all in – we strongly suggest clicking all of the links to see even more ridiculously cute felines on their Intagrams and websites 🙂

Let’s get right to it!

  1. Smoothie The Cat – This kitty’s Instagram is on point. Chock full of videos and high quality pictures of this gorgeous British Longhair, you’ll definitely cute the Mondays away. Her eyes are like emeralds! @smoothiethecat
    Original photo from Instagram @smoothiethecat


  2. Nala – Nala is a sweet Siamese/Tabby Mix and she’s a kitty that’s heading places! She has her own website, Nala Cat with a store. She has her own Instagram @nala_cat. Also, she’s been photographed hanging out at Google. Most likely by the paparazzi. We are a bit jealous of this cat! Love her paws!
    Original photo from


  3. Venus – This kitty melts our hearts. She is a Tortoiseshell cat who is thought to be a Chimera. Venus is a bit of an internet celebrity, with a little more than one million followers on her Facebook and a just shy of one million followers on her Instagram. Venus also has her own website Venus The Two Face Cat. Go check her out!
    Original photo from


  4. Summer The Cat – Summer is the featured cat over on Sparkle Cat. In addition to being Sparkle Cat’s main blogger, Summer also dabbles in social media. Check her meowt on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest! Along with living the internet life, Summer is an aspiring therapy cat – amazing! Check out this Somali kitty for yourself!
    Original photo from


  5.  Timmy The Cat – Timmy got popular through the cutest video that went viral. After that his owner set him up with social media so we could all enjoy his cuteness. This tabby cat is well versed in breaking and entering – he came into his owner’s yard one day and decided it was his. Then he started stealing toys from the neighbor’s yard. Check out his Facebook! 12052501_485599091646074_6511912557288715494_o.jpg

Also, you’ve got to watch Timmy’s video of his toy stealing! It’s the cutest thing we’ve ever seen!


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