product review

American Crafts Markers


As we have have mentioned before, dear readers, we are not getting paid to write reviews. None of our posts contain affiliate links. We just use products and would like to share our experiences with them. Today we are going to talk a bit about American Crafts markers. We have had a love hate relationship with them and you’ll see why.

We currently have eleven AC markers, although we have owned more in the past. Unfortunately, the galaxy and chalk markers are not our favorite and dry out pretty quickly. These particular markers (the galaxy and chalk) can be found in Target’s dollar section. Perhaps they are made differently than the markers that come in packs of 5?


We are absolutely in love with the metallic markers – they write beautifully. We’ve had the pack of metallics for about a year now and they still write perfectly. We’ve had the chalk/galaxy markers for about 6 months and you can see that they are on their way to the trashcan.


The black chalk marker is a different story. We love it and it has held up great so far. The pigment is much darker than your typical black marker, which is nice. As for American Crafts Slick Writers – these markers are incredible! They write on any surface, even slick ones as it states it the name. We have had nothing but great results with these markers and have written on everything from packing tape to glass with them and they don’t smudge at all!

Our one wish for American Crafts markers is that they are more consistent. When we buy two packs of markers that work beautifully, we expect the same results with every marker from that brand. Other than the chalk markers, these are our go to markers! You should give them a try!

What is your favorite marker or writing utensil? We’d be on top of the world if you let us know in the comments below!


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