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Annual Art Show

Hello readers! Last week we attended our daughter’s art show at her high school. We are especially proud, because she won 4 awards – two first place and two third place – for things she made in her Fashion and Advanced Fashion classes!DSCN1015DSCN0995DSCN0994DSCN0998DSCN0997DSCN0999DSCN1001DSCN1000DSCN1003DSCN1002

The Art Show was a lot of fun, the fashion projects alone were very entertaining! DSCN1005DSCN1006DSCN1008DSCN1025DSCN1027

There were also very talented artists whose mediums ranged from paper and pencil to photography to clay to ceramics to metal! DSCN1024DSCN1044DSCN1045DSCN1047

We had the pleasure of going to the Art Show with our sugar baby + her best friend, Juliana. Juliana had some really nice photographs in the show, too!DSCN1004DSCN1035DSCN1036DSCN1037DSCN1038DSCN1039DSCN1040

One of the coolest things about the show is that it featured projects by students in grades Kindergarten to 12th, and we really got a kick out of the younger side of the show. It was very colorful and happy and had class collaborations, neat clay sculptures and cool plastics that looked just like glass!DSCN1021DSCN1020DSCN1019DSCN1042DSCN1041DSCN1022DSCN1023

Supporting our child is number one is our book, and we were grateful we had an opportunity to support her very creative side during this fantastic show. The amount of talent these young people possess is just wonderful, and the fact that they can express it in so many ways at school makes us very happy!

Have you been to any neat school shows lately? How about an art show in general? We’d love it if you found a few minutes to share with us in the comments below!


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