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Top Secret Gatefold Box

Hello dear readers! Since we shared our very girly Best Friend Gatefold Box yesterday, we’d like to show you another version we made for a sweet boy who is turning 9 this weekend! This particular boy likes secrets, jokes, cheese puffs + minecraft, but he especially likes boxes. He asked Santa to bring him a box for Christmas because he just knew Santa would fill it with some cool stuff. We tried to take all of those things in to consideration, and his love of boxes is what prompted us to make him this wonderful gift!12345

Some of the things we made to go inside the box were a Cheese Puffs are Awesome pencil and mini notebook, Minecraft Creeper stickers, a secret message + scratch off jokes!678

For the pencil, we chose a pencil which had a plastic-y design that we could easily peel off. Underneath was a white pencil. We added an orange washi sheet and vinyl lettering. For the scratch offs, we followed this tutorial.

We really love how this “secret” box turned out! We’d love to know what you guys think in the comments below!


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