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Observation Platform Adventure

Good Morning, readers. We hope you are enjoying the end of your weekend! We went for a family walk recently, and we thought we’d share some photos. This was the first walk that our sugar baby and our cat went together. Until now Taty was embarrassed to walk next to a stroller with a kitty in it. Gasp! We are happy to report that no embarrassing moments were to be had. We enjoyed a nice view of the marsh from a cool observation platform, and we carried Playful up the stairs in her stroller.

These photos are a collaboration, taken partially by us and partially by Taty – our sugar baby! We think she really has a great eye!DSCN0840DSCN0830DSCN0825DSCN1318DSCN1369DSCN0834DSCN1268DSCN0847DSCN0852DSCN0863DSCN0848DSCN0860DSCN1280DSCN1354DSCN1346DSCN1357DSCN1361

As you can see, we even let Playful out for a quick kitty hug when we were on the observation platform! We are super happy that the weather is getting warmer, so we can enjoy more of the outdoors with each other.

Where have you been lately? What adventures do you like to go on? We’d be tickled pink if you let us know in the comments below!


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