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Champagne Cork Craft

Hello there readers! We have a hectic week and didn’t have time to bring you our Weekly Pinterest Roundup. We apologize, you can always check out last week’s WPR here. And – we’re not sure if you remember, but we had a Wine Cork Inspiration post a couple weeks ago which is what prompted this quick + fun craft!

We’d just like you to know that setting up for photos can sometimes be tough, so it’s always good to get yourself a ‘supervisor’ to help you get everything just right!DSCN1390

We boiled the cork for 10 minutes before cutting, because we read that it helps. We used the sharpest kitchen knife we own – this was our choice since all of our exacto blades are kaput at the moment. It didn’t cut perfectly, which can sometimes be a problem for us, but we just told ourselves that it’s the cork that’s not perfect. We painted the cork slices and added some bling. We kind of like the way the cork almost mimics metal in the photos!DSCN1373DSCN1381DSCN1393

Have you made anything using wine or champagne corks? For the not so crafty, what are some of your favorite cork projects on the web? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below – leave us some links so we can see your creations/favorites, too! Weekly Pinterest Roundup will return next week.


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