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TapGlance + A Virtual House Tour

Hello again!

We would really love to tell you about this design app we found in the IOS app store for $9.99. TapGlance allows you to make blueprints for and design/decorate a home. Since you are able to enter exact measurements of rooms, furniture and accesories – you could use this app if you were planning on renovating your home. There are several ways to design in this app, but the 3D mode is most fun, as you can change the material/color/pattern of everything! There is also the option to render life like photos of your designs. These cost extra + have 3 levels of quality. We have included three standard +one preview quality renders at the end of this post.

Reader beware: This post is very photo heavy, as we created our dream home and tried to get the overall essence of it via screenshots! First, let’s look at the app when you first start. You click Add Plans at the top of the screen to start building or you can click on the Sample folder to design some pre-built rooms.a1

You name your plans, so clicking on Our House brings us to our blueprints. We have two floors in our dream home. In reality we’d also have a basement, but this app doesn’t allow you to build a basement.a2a3

Now let’s get a closer look at this beauty. First, you’ll walk in to the foyer.a4

That goes right into the dining room with a fireplace sitting area. Who doesn’t like wine by the fire before dinner? (You can’t see the fire in this picture!)a5

We have a phenomenal craft room with a craft kitchen! Who wants to bake clay in the same oven you bake food? Not us. Plus the cabinets give extra storage space that’s covered up!


Across the living area, which isn’t really pictured, is a half bath and a laundry room.


To the left of the foyer is a hallway to the garage, which looks super empty – but there’s lots of storage!a6

And that hallway also leads into the kitchen and patio (which looks washed out in the picture but it’s supposed to be all white marble!) When we did our renders, we realized just how important material choices really are in this app. See the very last photos for an explanation! a7a8a9b1

Off of the kitchen is the stairs. One of us would be ecstatic if our real home had a room with this wallpaper, but the other one of us says no way! Party pooper.b8

Right above the stair room is a little office, featuring the same happy wallpaper!b9

You walk out of that room into a hallway. The watercolor faces are in both of the upstairs hallways and are something we imported into the app. Most of the art on the walls is either our own photos or stuff we snagged off Google(for designing purposes only).c1

On the other side of the office is Taty’s room. It’s simple, but we all love it.


Across the hall from the office is a kitchen/living area for the upstairs. We know this could seem a little ridiculous, but what if we have guests over and they want to have coffee and watch the news before they go downstairs?


Right across the hall from Taty’s room is the bathroom for her + guests.c6

The end of the first hallway leads to the final hallway, which leads to the guest room and master suite.c7

The guest room is small, but it gets the job done. Taty says all guest rooms are nautical/beach themed + we guess she was right – at least in our case.


And finally – the master suite! We really love this part of the house. We also really love the wall color, but realized after the renders that choosing chrome walls means they are covered in actual chrome. See the very last pictures for examples of our mistake!d1d2d3d4d5d6d7

We really went to town decorating this house in the style we like most. However, this app can’t really handle it. We imported quite a a lot of custom photos and added a lot of little details to make it feel like home when we look at it. The more things you add to your plans, the more the app force closes. Sometimes it force closes every five seconds and we want to throw the ipad. But, we don’t. It isn’t the ipad’s fault.

On to the renders. For an additional in-app purchase, you can buy render points which allow you to see life like pictures of your designs. We did not try the highest level render, as it was 400 points and we only had 500. We instead did 3 standard renders for 150 points each and 1 preview quality render for 50 points. We rendered our favorite rooms. The first is the craft room. You can see part of the living room in this render. Notice the craft room door is chrome. We like the doors.e3

The next room is the master bedroom. We don’t love the chrome so much on the walls, but like we mentioned before – we liked the color gray that chrome created and didn’t realize it would be reflective!e1

The last standard render is the upstairs kitchen/living space. We are in love with this room and are pleased with the leather cabinets, lol.e2

Finally, the preview quality render is quite horrific. We used the half bath downstairs. Again, the chrome here works on the door and sinks, but the quality of this render does not work at all.


All and all, we would not buy this app if we knew then what we know now. We built our dream home in about four days and now the app force closes so much, it isn’t worth the aggravation of trying to use it anymore. It’s too bad, because the idea is very, very cool.

What are some of your favorite apps? We will be talking briefly about a glorious app in our post tomorrow! Until then, we’d love to hear some of your comments – just click below to post them!



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