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Kitty Yoga

Good Morning readers! Playful has blessed us with her sweet tummy pictures again. This time, the story is pretty cute if you ask us. We know that cats don’t really do yoga, but yesterday we were following along with our video on Gaiam’s Yoga Studio app when we spotted a furry belly out of the corner of our eye.DSCN1513

We obviously stopped doing yoga + grabbed our camera! We were sure that Playful would have ran as soon as the lens came out (her M.O.), but she stayed put and let us get some great photos of her stellar corpse pose! DSCN1515DSCN1516

We even decided to put the yoga video next to her, to see what she would do. Apparently she isn’t a fan of downward dog – either are we! đŸ™‚DSCN1519DSCN1518

The Yoga Studio app is available on the IOS app store for just $3.99! We love it for many reasons, but mostly because you can create custom classes based on the poses/classes you like or feel comfortable doing. You can also sync the app to your calendar so you can get reminders to do a class. We often forget to take time out for the things we really need – like some yoga, so this is a great feature for us!

Do you exercise with your pet? We would be tickled pink if you would let us know in the comments below! Don’t be shy, it doesn’t just have to be about pets and exercise – tell us a funny story, why you love yoga or anything else really!


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