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Weekly Pinterest Roundup

Good day readers! This week’s Pinterest roundup reflects something we will be working on this week – a spa gift basket for a great friend! We have a candle and an idea for the basket, but we haven’t gotten anything else yet and thought we would make the rest of the gifts. This week’s Top 5 pins are the top 5 things we will be making this week!

    1. Soothing Eye Mask – This neat mask, courtesy of Popsugar, is great because it can be used cold or warm. Obviously cold will help puffy eyes but warm helps irritated eyes, which happens a lot in our house due to allergies. Get all the details on how to make this very useful eye mask here.

      Original photo from
    2. Lime Mint Sugar Scrub – Heather from Setting For Four shares this fresh recipe for an exfoliating sugar scrub. The candle we have for this basket is Lime Cilantro, so the ingredients are fitting!

      Original photo from
    3. DIY Bath Bombs – Our teen daughter wants to help us with this one because she plans on pocketing a few for herself. Kaila from The Beauty Bar shares the how to for these luxurious bath bombs. We’re going to try a round bomb, like the kind you see at Lush Cosmetics!

      Bath Bombs1.png
      Original photo from
    4. DIY Towel Turban – Cindy from Skip To My Lou shows us just how easy it is to make a homemade towel headwrap. This is perfect for our recipient because her hair is a bit wild, so this can also keep her hair dry in the bath! Get all the details and instructions for this neat towel turban here.

      Original photo from
    5. Anti-inflammatory Healing Turmeric Gummies – These aren’t quite spa related, but they are healing and we think they’ll make a great addition to our basket! Sophie from A squirrel In The Kitchen shares this wonderful recipe that we will be making for ourselves as well as our recipient!

      Original photo from

We plan on putting all of these goodies (with perhaps a spa sign and a bottle of wine) in a basket we will be making from paint stirrers! We’ll include either a live plant or some paper flowers and of course a great, homemade card. We will make sure to post the finished project when we are done!

What are some neat gifts you’ve given or received? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below! Also, make sure to follow us on Pinterest so see all the great things we’ve been pinning!


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