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Rainbow Workout – Pinterest to Reality

Hello dear readers,

Everywhere we look on Pinterest we see tons of different workout ideas. And if we’re being honest, we are in serious need of a good workout routine. That’s our biggest problem – the routine – getting in to a routine, sticking to a routine..

Then we saw the popsicle stick workout. It is fun, easily customizable and you can add to it as your needs increase. The best thing is that it is colorful and fun, full of variety which will keep us guessing. You grab one of each color each day and you’re left with a totally random, total body workout!

Here’s a good look at what’s on Pinterest when you type in ‘Popsicle stick workout’.

And here’s our version!DSCN1588DSCN1585DSCN1580DSCN1577DSCN1595DSCN1600DSCN1583

We didn’t have any popsicle sticks, so we cut popsicle stick shaped paper and glued two pieces together for each ‘stick’. Then we glued a white rectangle and hand wrote our exercises. We are reusing two crystal light containers, one to choose our workout and one to discard it in. We are eager to get exercising!

What is your exercise routine + what keeps you motivated? We’d be over the moon if you let us know in the comments below! Check out what we are pinning by clicking here!


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