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Diabetes Bling

Hey there readers,

We have previously purchased skins to decorate our daughter’s insulin pump and cgm receiver. Each skin is an upwards of $10.00, and although we want to keep her diabetes as fun as possible, it just wasn’t an expense we necessarily wanted.

After extensive searching, we found a template for the skins we were purchasing! Once we had that, we measured the skin that was on her pump so we could cut it to fit. Then we created a scalable vector graphic (SVG) in inkscape so we could cut it on our machine!DSCN2141DSCN2138

We received a free sample of this glitter thermoflex in three different colors, and Taty chose pink to update her pump. It cut beautifully, and went on as easy as the purchased skins we’ve used in the past!


The best part is that we can just cut her a new one when this one gets banged up! Woo hoo!

Have you used skins to revamp an electronic, medical device or accessory? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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