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Hooking Our Fingers Off

Happy Independence Day!

We wanted to share this beautiful shawl we made for our dear sister-in-law. It was recently her birthday, and we decided to make her a shawl from 100% bamboo lace-weight yarn. It is absolutely gorgeous and feels as soft as silk! DSCN2127We used this pattern, and it took us about 15 hours from start to finish. It is a very easy pattern to memorize, once you get to the 9th row, you won’t need the pattern any longer. There are just three rows that repeat with increase spots marked at each row. We didn’t actually mark our increase stitches, as it is the only place in the pattern that uses a V-Stitch(dc,ch,dc in the same st), so it was easy to know where to increase!

DSCN2132We also made her this canvas sign, as we all love a good wine! This is permanent vinyl on an unprimed, stretched canvas.

Have you received any handmade gifts for your birthday? We’d be thrilled to read about some of your favorites – leave us a comment below!


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