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Fireworks + Cats

Hello readers. We live right on the water, and maybe we are really lucky because they shoot the fireworks off right on the water in our backyard to celebrate Independence Day in our city. But, not all of us think it’s great. DSCN1955Little Miss Playful knew something was happening when she started to see the hoards of people setting up blankets and chairs outside our windows. Once the sun started setting, she didn’t want anything to do with the windows.13557852_1724760237741650_8746272545807280915_nBefore the fireworks started, we came up with a plan. One of us would be outside with our human child + her cousin and one of us would be inside with our furry child. Because they set them off so close to our house, the booms and bangs were pretty loud inside.

In years past, Playful just let us hold her close and whisper calming things until it was all over. This year we started off holding her and trying to calm her with our voice, but as the fireworks got louder, Playful wanted a place to hide.

We ended up half way under the bed with her. She got real close and even put her paws right on top of our hand. We still offered calming words and she offered us lots of blinks, so we knew she was handling it okay.

It does make us sad though, we wish there was a better way to ‘protect’ Playful from loud fireworks and even thunder! They do make thunder vests for cats and dogs, but we don’t feel like it’s an appropriate solution for us. Playful isn’t a clothing kitty and she would probably just lay there paralyzed from the vest and scared from the noise!13603226_1146774675364443_7270466281471286461_o13613268_1146774658697778_7874345630675123486_o

What are some ways you’ve dealt with pets and loud noises (thunder/fireworks)? We would really like it if you would share a couple of ideas with us! We love Playful and we want to help her be less scared!


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