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Virtual Cropping

Hello dear readers,

Today we got to experience some of the wonders of scrapbook crops without ever leaving our craft space. We were part of a virtual crop and it was a lot of fun! All we had to do was set up Google Hangouts and figure out what we wanted to work on!

There is no packing involved in virtual cropping, but we did use this list to set up our craft table with all of the things we were going to need. We also decided to design and cut the three layouts we chose to work on last night, so this morning could be strictly about scrapping!

UntitledUntitled1We didn’t get to work on the single page layout we designed, but that’s okay! Here is our two page layout all finished!DSCN2253DSCN2252DSCN2249We are very pleased that we decided to do this crop! It was really fun and we met some cool ladies from around the US while we were doing it!

Have you ever participated in a virtual group? We would be so happy if you told us about it in the comments below!


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